Hippie Hole

This place is a local favorite and hidden Rapid City gem for good reason!  Not going to lie, I got very, very lost on my first attempt at finding it.  Not because there isn't a path, mostly because I'm terrible with directions and started off going the opposite way I should've.  My husband, who is great with directions, thought he was going to have to send out the National Guard when I called him to try and direct me out of the wilderness...didn't go so well.  I did eventually find my way back to my vehicle, thanks in part to my friend, who says she knew we were going the wrong way the whole time (riiight).  

The next day, we set out (again) to find the beloved Hippie Hole.  This time we had more explicit instructions from my directionally superior husband...and YAY, we found it!!!  The trail was steep and winding (my favorite) and really fun with some sweet rocky outcroppings that allowed for great photo ops.  There were only a few other people out at the "Hole" that day, which is why this place is such a gem.  If anyone who reads this is from, or has lived/lives in a "tourist town" i'm sure you know what I mean.  There are some places we need to keep 'safe' from the tourists, something of our own.

Hippie Hole is a beautiful place set in between high rocky cliffs where mountain goats frolic and brave souls jump to their cold enjoyment!  I did NOT jump into the water on this occasion as it was early April and the water was still pretty frigid (that's my excuse anyway).  I did hike around, having at least 2 near death experiences.  The difficult climb was well worth it for the awesome shots I got of the falls and surrounding area.  

I had the pleasure of meeting 2 fellow hikers while down by the water.  They traversed the rocky areas, where I nearly lost my life, without a second thought.  I introduced myself and informed them that I would be taking up residence in a cave near the 'hole' as I was fairly certain I would be unable to climb back up the way I climbed/slid/flailed down.  Being the nice gentlemen they were, they aided this damsel in distress (hallelujah, I didn't have to change my address!).  One of my rescuers carried my pack and went behind me in case I fell, while the other showed me exactly where to place my hands/feet for safety.  I'm so thankful for those helpful hikers!  It's the kind of kindness you'll meet should any of you ever come visit in Rapid City!

And now...for the pictures....