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Makin' Progress

Makin' Progress

It has FINALLY happened!!!  What, you ask?  This girl has finally found a system to get the excess weight off!  Holy Moly, it was a long time coming!  I have tried so many weightloss systems and I never had the success I dreamt of...until now!  I started on this new system in the beginning of December and I've lost 20 lbs...that's in just 3 months...with no exercise!  Crazy right?!?

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The best part though, is that the weight loss has just been a super awesome side effect of using the system.  My most recent biometric screening showed improvement in my cholesterol, triglycerides, and BMI, plus I have so much more energy for my family!  

Before beginning this journey with this life changing health and wellness system, I was in a perpetual state of exhaustion.  I thought maybe I was just overworked and stressed/depressed.  I was contemplating a change in employment, even though I didn't really want that.  I honestly thought there was no other way to improve my current situation and I was so tired of being tired!  This is literally how my evenings would go...every evening...dinner, play with my kids for 30-45 minutes, get kids ready for bed, put my littlest to bed and fall asleep with her, wake up 30 minutes later and put my oldest to bed, fall asleep with him, wake up 1-2 hours later and go to my own bed.  You guys, how sad is that???  A 31 year old woman going to sleep at 7:30pm...I'm so ashamed!  And you know that meant no relationship building (wink, wink) with my husband so that was putting a strain on my marriage as well.

Since starting this journey, my energy levels have been at an all time high, and not that jittery energy.  The system uses all natural supplements for a natural, sustained energy.  Another amazing side effect of this energy...my house is actually looking pretty decent most days.  Ask my mom, that's a huge improvement!  I not only have energy for fully engaging with my family but I have a strange desire to do housework which is something I've never had a desire to do in my entire life.  House work was always such a chore!  And though I can't say I enjoy it now, I definitely don't dread it or become so overwhelmed by it that I can't even begin.

Can I tell you one more crazy awesome side effect?  This one might just be the best of all!  I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't the easiest person to live with, I'm sure there are still days I make it extremely difficult.  Happily, the hormone optimizer in this system has greatly improved my husband's quality of life!  I no longer have those drastic highs and lows and I'm able to control those crazy cravings during "that time of the month".  I feel so much more capable of dealing with stress and just general life issues effectively.  

I know that sounds unrealistic, that a health and wellness system can do all that I described.  But I'm telling you...it did...and continues to do so.  And I might mention that my husband, who was skeptical at first, has lost 25lbs and improved his blood pressure alongside me!  

If anyone reading this needs any of the things I mentioned in this post (weight loss, energy, hormone optimization, general improvement in health and wellness), I implore you, don't wait!  Message me or comment on this post and I will hook you up!!!  I'm invested in helping others find a healthier life, a better life, so we can continue to find more to love outdoors together!!!

Thanks for reading ya'll!

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