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Road Blocks

The view from my 30th birthday hike   

The view from my 30th birthday hike


I had, literally no idea what I was getting into when I started this site.  I researched how to create a site and what blogosphere was best etc, etc., but not how to actually maintain one.  My main goal was to have a creative outlet to share my ramblings and my kick butt photography.  It's been 4 months since I created this site and I haven't been attending to it as much as I initially thought I would.  I had these visions of writing profound blogs or how-to's that would change people's lives, millions would flock to my site to see what hilarious things I would come up with next.  Well, none of that has happened, yet, but when I do take the time to jot down some thoughts, I feel good.  That's a big deal, to feel good about something.  To feel proud of an accomplishment, even one as small as this.

I re-read my initial "about me" article.  I talked about my weight loss goal so I thought I would update those 5 of you who have visited my site.  I did not meet my weight loss goal of losing 30 lbs before I turned 30.  I lost 21 lbs which was awesome and I have since regained about 5 of those.  I'm still proud of myself for doing it and I continue to exercise and eat healthier but I'm having the toughest time with getting those numbers to budge.  I recently started taking a thermogenic, it doesn't seem to be helping yet but I'll try and keep you posted on the effectiveness of that.  If anyone has any great tips, send them my way!

The other thing I talked a lot about in my "about me" was the clothing company thing.  That is still a dream of mine.  I have been researching how to start a clothing company and uff da (that's midwest speak for "yikes"), there are so many things to consider when creating one...I feel like that should've been obvious to me but it wasn't.  I see small companies all over the internet and I figured I could be one of them.  Each time I read an article about "tips and tricks for starting a clothing company" it reveals yet another road block I hadn't considered, which leads me to more research, and more road blocks.  See this fun little spin cycle I'm stuck in.  

I promise my dream isn't dead, it's just moving very slowly at the time being and I wanted to give you all an update.  As always, comments are welcome...except the mean ones, don't leave those.