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DIY Sugar Scrub (great for your hands during winter hiking season!)

DIY Sugar Scrub (great for your hands during winter hiking season!)

I love making gifts for people, it makes me happy to see them happy!  The daycare my kiddos attend sent out a little message to parents notifying us of Teacher Appreciation Day.  I thought it would be the perfect time to try out a recipe for a DIY sugar scrub using Young Living Essential Oils.  You guys, it was sooo easy and smelled good enough to eat!  

It's a perfect treat for your hands after a day of climbing or getting dirty in the mountains!

All you need is:  sugar, vanilla extract, coconut oil (the liquid kind), Young Living's Lime essential oil, and Vitamin E oil (optional).  I put mine in cute little mason jars since I was giving as gifts.  I got my jars, coconut oil, and Vitamin E oil from amazon, here are the links to the specific ones I purchased.


I'm not much of a measurement kind of girl which is what makes this "recipe" great, you don't really need to measure!

I was making 20 jars of sugar scrub so I ended up dumping in all the sugar I had in my canister, I would guess maybe around 6 cups...that's a really wild guess...just eyeball how much you think will fit in whatever vessel you're wanting to fill.

So you put the sugar in a bowl and stir in the liquid coconut oil until it gets to be the consistency of wet sand.  You don't want any liquid swirling around the bowl, it should be adhered to the sugar crystals.  Once that's mixed together, add the appropriate number of drops of lime essential oil (for my 20 jars I added 20-25 drops initially, then added a few more after I tested the scrub).  

Next add in the vanilla extract, for 20 jars I used 1 tablespoon.  I also then added a few drops of vitamin E oil for added moisturizing quality.  Once all of that was mixed together, I added the zest of 5 limes to give the sugar scrub some added texture and scent.  

I am new to sharing my creations so I don't have any pictures of the process but here is the finished product.  I made the labels with my Cricut with wording I found after scouring the internet.  I honestly don't remember where I found it so if the author happens to see this post, let me know and I'll give you credit here.

And that's it, aren't they cute!?!  Seriously sugar scrubs are so easy to make and you can create endless combinations.  Be sure to comment with any questions or to tell me your favorite sugar scrub scent combo!

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